Dome ECU Speed Controller with Signal PIN Technology

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DOME Anti Car-Jacking Videos

DOME Anti Car-Jacking System

Your vehicle will always start but never accelerate! With DOME Signal PIN Technology your car is protected!

DOME Virtual Pedal Missing

Would you try to steal a car with the accelerator pedal missing? Well, DOME anti car-jacking system with Signal PIN Technology virtually removes the pedal. It works on all e-throttle type vehicles, key, ignition, and Hybrid vehicles.

Signal PIN Technology

If your car keys were stolen the car would start but not accelerate without its Signal PIN. DOME requires you enter your unique Signal PIN so it will know you are the owner. You can make multiple PIN changes as often as you like. Moreover, visits to your mechanic will require its own Valet Mode code. There are no remotes; no frequencies to copy - no problems! Without its Signal PIN, your car will always start, never cut off - but never accelerate.

DOME Code Combination and time allowed.

Now you can get your DOME Anti Car-Jack system with the upgraded 3125 combination codes. Your car will start but never accelerate unless the correct Signal PIN is entered.

DOME GPS Tracker Videos

GPS Promotion 2018

DOME Auto Security also features GPS Tracking with SMS (text) central locking. Simply send a text from your cell phone to lock/unlock your car door.

GPS on Audi A6 2019

Featuring the push to start Showroom Audi A6 2019. DOME tells the ECU to shut down the car and not the fuel pump. Unlike other security systems, DOME allows your car to be instantly restarted whether gas or diesel. 

GPS X-Trail Hybrid (PDR series)

DOME has been successfully shutting down Hybrid cars from the ECU. Removing the power from the fuel pump is unsafe. The common practice of removing the power from the fuel pump is unsafe; a position endorsed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

GPS on Aqua Hybrid

Whatever the make, model, or size of the Hybrid vehicle, DOME has found the safest way to shut it down – total immobilization!

DOME Immobilizer Videos

Dome Immobilizer Now

Prevent your car from starting with RFID tabs, your car won't start without it. Simply hide the receiver tab in your car and then place your unique RFID tab near it to start your car, when you switch off our car it arm, automatically.

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What Our Previous Clients Say

Since I installed DOME Hybrid GPS Tracker in my retired mother’s Qashqai I feel comfortable knowing when she goes out and gets lost, I just send a text and get her location to go for her.
Dome ECU Speed Controller with Signal PIN Technology bgg
Dave Browne
Arima, Trinidad
My brother allows me to drive his car after installing DOME Hybrid GPS Tracker in his car, since he trusts that a simple text and he will be able to find it or shut it down.
Haile Thomas
St. Joseph, Trinidad
My push to start Qashqai is safer now with DOME Hybrid GPS Tracker in it, now I park anywhere and anything happens to my car I get a message instantly.
Dome ECU Speed Controller with Signal PIN Technology
Vadyah De Souza
Arouca, Trinidad
I did my research on other GPS Trackers and DOME Hybrid GPS Tracker suits all my needs, no monthly fees, SMS to lock and unlock my doors if my keys get locked in the car, perfect!
Dome ECU Speed Controller with Signal PIN Technology
Davon Guy
Arouca, Trinidad